Early on a Wednesday morning of September 2002, a powerful assignment from God was given to Pastor Dorothy McGuire. The assignment was to begin a new church standing solely on the promises of God. The morning of September 2002 at five o’clock, the instructions were precise, pure and clear. And the word of God said to the women of God “ You will start a new church and the church will prosper from tithes and offerings of the committed people that I will set in your midst. The way will be smooth and you will receive favor from those you make contact with: people will be in search of renewed urgency, to carry out the assignments that were prophesied to you…Woman of God!”

After discussing the vision with her pastor and receiving his blessings, Pastor McGuire set out in search of a building to begin her mission .The search ended shortly: on Wednesday October 15 2002, she observed a vacancy sign on a used building that was for rent at 2202 Beatties Ford Road. Pastor McGuire immediately called the number on the rental sign and within 15 minutes, she was engaged in a conversation with the property owner. The communication between Pastor McGuire and the owner was candid, straightforward and entire during their initial meeting, the two held hands and prayed standing in agreement that the building would be used for God’s Glory.

As they talked, Pastor McGuire kept hearing the voice of God, saying “I will make the way smooth, stand on my promise.” On the following Friday, Pastor McGuire returned with a small congregation of perspective members. The lease was signed, the keys were transferred and the vision had it’s first home. To God Be the Glory!

There was much to be done in preparing the building for the first worship service. The work continued and Pastor McGuire held the first bible study in her home on Tuesday evening, October 22nd, 2002.

The ministry was named “Renewed Mind Christian Ministry”. The Lord blessed the ministry both spiritually and financially. What a mighty God we serve. He continued to manifest His promises. Communion was served in recognition of our Lord and savior and to honor God for what He had done. Several ministries formed in the church and the Lord added to the church daily as He saw fit, therefore, it became necessary to renovate the sanctuary by knocking out two walls to accommodate the worshippers. A pulpit was built, window treatments hung, walls were repainted, the carpet was laid and the focus was on beautifying God’s house according to Haggai chapter 1: 7.The people also remembered Matthew 25:23 that clearly states “ Well don e thy good and faithful servant, you have been faithful over a few things. I will make you ruler over many things enter into the joy of the Lord. In April 2003, Pastor McGuire received revelation and clarity of the ministry and the church. Pastor McGuire understood the ministry God had given His people was to renew minds, through the preach word of God. (Romans 12:2.) The results of renewing minds would be “changed lives; therefore the ministry was renamed “Life Changing Church”. (Where minds are renewed). Since then we have seen many lives changed through the hearing and preaching of God’s Word.

Life Changing Church had its first baptism in May of 2003 at the Chapel Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Huntersville, NC when Rev. C. N. Gray was the Pastor.  The glory of the Lord filled the Temple. Life Changing Church membership blossomed causing us to relocate to a larger facility at 3208 Riley Avenue, Charlotte, NC.  Our first service was held December 31, 2005.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  We give all the glory and honor to our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.

We continue to stand on the promises of God; we have another year of victory; we have witnessed the promises of God; we are in position to give birth to the promises of God; we are witnessing the manifestation of God’s promises; we are a Faithful Church receiving a Faithful Promise; we are a Church Living in a Season of Favor;” and now, we at Life Changing Church are Witnessing God’s Promises.  We now our “Holding Faithfully to the Promise and the Vision” as we praise God for our permanent location at 11229 Plaza Extension, Charlotte, NC in celebration of our first service and ribbon cutting on Sunday, October 1, 2017.